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Charlie Hunter Breaks in a New Venue on His Home Turf

charliehunter2.jpgYoshi’s San Francisco is a week or two old, and after my first visit last night, I gotta say it’s swanky. Nice space. Wow factor is high. Nice lounge upstairs. Was amped to see SF native Charlie Hunter in his very first set in the new space. The show was solid — natch — dude puts on a good show.  the remaining duo of his trio — Erik Deustch and Scott Amendola — is right on time and I enjoyed them as much as I did Charlie. They just have fun together, and that’s cool to see. Commentary from Charlie was basically nil, but he did say the band was “juiced” to be there. The Campbell Brothers joined for a couple songs — once they managed to get on stage after some classic fumbling back and forth behind the curtain — and rocked it.

 All that said, I cherish the Jack London venue that much more now. More intimate, better sound, easier logistics (parking etc), and a more diverse crowd.