Tiger Who?

Ringer T’s Shit Don’t Stink in Llama Links Skins Opener

The first-ever round of the Llama Links Skins Series occured recently (For current LLSS standings, click here).

Due to the highly covert nature of Llama Links, the three inaugural participants — Large Professor, MADDOG, and Ringer T — arranged to meet at a location nearby. LP considered blindfolding the new initiates to further protect the exact coordinates of LL, but ultimately deemed them worthy of full disclosure.

Once on site, Ringer T slyly began employing Jedi mind tricks, observing that LP takes Llama Links skins a wee bit too seriously, which planted seeds of doubt and threw the Professor off kilter. After a quick warm-up on 1, however, the Ringer’s true stripes came out on 2, as he neatly collected the first-ever skins of the Llama Links Skins Series with a neat birdie.

The grouping moved on to 3 — “Pachinko” — the most challenging hole on the course. An uphill 45-yarder with a sloping, postage-stamp green that is protected by danger on all sides. Bramble crowds the green back and right and the dreaded Pachinko Tree looms left.

MADDOG showed ample moxy, and some short-game touch, by staring down the hazards and nailing his tee-pitch up onto the dance floor, then stroking a clutch one-putt to draw his first LLSS blood.

As we teed off on 4, the Ringer faced a moment of humiliation as his putter handle was sullied with, well, with doo. After extensive cleaning efforts, the trio continued the round, but Ringer T was visibly rattled by the scat distraction. In fact, all three players began resembling the offending matter as no skins were taken over the remaining five holes. The decision was made to carry the six outstanding skins to a play-off hole. Pachinko was chosen.

Ringer T had clearly settled back down at this point and was singularly focused. He’d tasted the first two skins and wanted more. Ultimately, he got ’em — after a deadly accurate tee-pitch, the Ringer exhibited just how cleanly he could wield his once-fouled flat stick, canning a dicey putt for the bird to claim the 6 skins, giving him 8 on the day and a clear victory.

In all, the inaugural event of the Llama Links Skins Series was filled with drama and symbolism, with observers keenly anticipating future action.

[This recap of the first event was posted after the recap of event No. 2, so the chronology is off a bit. Deal. –Pub Wisdom]

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