Tiger Who?

MADDOG Rises Up on “Rover’s Revenge”

A 7 AM call last Sunday morning from MADDOG — typical — resulted in an impromptu tour stop of the Llama Links Skins Series with the aforementioned MADDOG joined by Ringer T and the Large Professor.

On this day, the Llama proved the biggest winner, denying all comers 5 of the 9 potential skins on offer. Indeed it appears the birdies have flown the coop, perhaps beginning their migration early due to climate change?

In fact, only one bird was bagged all day. It came on 4 — “Rover’s Revenge.” The Professor had put his tee pitch on the dance floor, perhaps 12 feet from the cup, while MADDOG ended up on the fringe. While LP was lining up his long-shot birdie putt, he heard a shout and looked up. MADDOG had chipped his second shot cleanly off the fringe and dropped it gingerly onto the green with a chance. And indeed it rolled true, rattling against the flagstick and dropping in. Clutch.

But the foreskin was not quite a done deal. Large Professor had a birdie putt that, if sunk, would deny MADDOG’s glory and push the skins to the next hole. He lined it up and stroked it. It was right on line. It appeared as if LP would snatch the skins from MADDOG’s locked jaws. However, the putt came up 2 inches short and the rabid one cherished the uncircumcised sweetness.

In the end, MADDOG’s 4 on Rover’s Revenge were the only skins Llama Links conceded that day, leaving 5 bonus skins on the table for collection by the first one of the trio to skin in subsequent events. The 4 skins moves MADDOG into a tie with Ringer T atop the table. Things are getting interesting.


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