Tiger Who?

UCR on Wrong End of Blow Out

High-scorin' H-landers?

High-scorin' H-landers?

I have to admit that despite exhibiting a new closeability during their non-conference schedule — it was one of the softest non-conference schedules in the land, after all — I was pleasantly surprised to see the Highlanders downright blow out visiting Cal Poly last night. I don’t remember the last time I saw UCR involved in an in-conference blow out when it was on the winning end. Do you?

The team has consistently squeaked by in any win it grinds out, right? Just squeaked by…

But this.?A 30-plus point blow out? For its 7th — yes, 7th  — home win in a row? Am I having a CCAA refreak?

It’s clear the team have improved overall. And the offensive boost provided by Kyle Austin is providing some desperately needed scoring.

Cal Poly is not Northridge, Fullerton, or Pacific. But I’m telling you right now that this team is hardly the worst team in the conference, despite preseason press and coach consensus. Everyone in the Big West is now sweating their fixtures with the Highlanders.

Bring on the Big West.


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