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The Tight Ticket: Obama-Moz

Pub Wisdom is generally not political in nature, but when the moment of truth calls even Scots-Mexican immigrants need to rise up.

Check this slammin’ ticket:


Thanks to Not Neck Deep for unearthing it.


Cuban Conguero in Command: Francisco Aguabella


Skin is in: Aguabella owns it on 1/12/2008.

Jazz lives because the music is more important than the business. It lives because you can see and hear people like CuBop/Ubiquity recording artist Francisco Aguabella up close. You can participate in the show, not just watch/listen. You’re there. You can rock up to members of the pantheon at intermission and rap with them.

Jazz lives because there are places like Steamers, a jazz club in Fullerton, at which I was pleasantly surprised — nay, blown away — by the experience. In “the city,” you’d pay $12-24 to see one set of someone the caliber of Francisco Aguabella, not to mention his kick-ass band. That set’d be about an hour long, maybe a little longer. At Steamers, two full sets for $8 — on a Saturday night?!? That is SOLID.  Seriously, the OC has one of the coolest, most rootsy establishments in the entire So Cal jazz scene.

Hat’s off to Terence Love, the owner of Steamers, who takes pride and interest in every detail it seems. The food rocks, the help rocks. Easy ins and outs… Can’t wait to go back. Saw Banda Brothers, Poncho Sanchez, Joey DeFrancesco, and others on tap. The real deal.

Jazz lives because jazz lovers appreciate their players more and more, instead of cycling through “stars” faster than Britney goes through rehabs. Francisco’s not a young pup, but he commands the congas. He’s a pleasure to listen to — it’s just and right that he plays to a packed house in Fullerton.

Jazz lives through players like Mr. Aguabella. Jazz lives, apparently, at Steamers.

Charlie Hunter Breaks in a New Venue on His Home Turf

charliehunter2.jpgYoshi’s San Francisco is a week or two old, and after my first visit last night, I gotta say it’s swanky. Nice space. Wow factor is high. Nice lounge upstairs. Was amped to see SF native Charlie Hunter in his very first set in the new space. The show was solid — natch — dude puts on a good show.  the remaining duo of his trio — Erik Deustch and Scott Amendola — is right on time and I enjoyed them as much as I did Charlie. They just have fun together, and that’s cool to see. Commentary from Charlie was basically nil, but he did say the band was “juiced” to be there. The Campbell Brothers joined for a couple songs — once they managed to get on stage after some classic fumbling back and forth behind the curtain — and rocked it.

 All that said, I cherish the Jack London venue that much more now. More intimate, better sound, easier logistics (parking etc), and a more diverse crowd.