Tiger Who?

Llama Links Skins Series


Ensconced within the leafy environs of a certain sleepy seaside village in So Cal lies the secluded magic that is Llama Links. For a few in-the-know golferati it’s a super secret 9-hole pitch and putt course, immaculately maintained by the loving groundsmen, with holes ranging from 30-60 yards in length — it’s short-game nirvana, and host to the Llama Links Skins Series, a covert cumulative race to the [attractive prize TBD].

The fourth event of the Llama Links Skins Series was a two-man affair as Kid Gaslamp’s long-awaited debut finally materialized.

For full details of all LLSS events, in chronological order, click here.

The LLSS table following stop No. 4:

1. Ringer T 8 Skins

1. MADDOG 8 Skins

3. Kid Gaslamp 7 skins

4. Large Professor 6 Skins

5. Jaime Las Palmas 0 Skins

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  Enter Kid Gaslamp « PUB WISDOM wrote @

[…] Kid Gaslamp’s cool seven on 7 were the only skins claimed this day, and left the Kid naturally wondering where the real competition was. The gauntlet is definitely down in front of Ringer T, MADDOG, and especially the elusive Jaime Las Palmas, that don of the desert who spends his days honing his golf game and luring nubiles back to his box canyon grotto. A trip to the beach is in order for Jaime so we can have a full and proper crew teeing off. In the mean time, here are the updated standings in the Llama Links Skins Series. […]

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